Da Lat


Before being discovered by the French, this fairy land was home of the Viet highlanders. Located on Lang Biang highlands, Da Lat is endowed with so fresh and cool air. The French could not miss this place where they were seeking for a European weather-like land to settle. With their signature architecture, the French created a very French-style Da Lat. Houses, villas, treatment places, etc, are the things luckily existing until modern days. From the French’s time then on, Da Lat has been formulated to be glamorous mountainous air zone for an escape travel today.
Travellers coming to Da Lat can enjoy the stunning beauty in every corner of this land. Its wide spread prettiness is made up with French structures combining with blossom flowers season by season. The town spreads across a series of pine-covered hills, with a small lake in the center, while surrounded by high peaks, creating a lovely scenery quite different from the rest of Vietnam. Temperatures are pleasantly warm by day, and quite cool at night, down to perhaps 10°C. This mild weather makes tourists so comfortable while staying here and enjoying the spectacular landscapes.

Nowadays, Dalat is undoubtedly a must-see destination in Vietnam. It appeals to both domestic and foreign tourists on short package tours, drawn by the scenery, vivid blue skies, fresh air, flower-filled parks, and local edible treatment. Dalat is also considered as an ideal destination for company weekend outings, family get-aways, and most of all, honeymoons. For overseas travellers, it offers a valuable opportunity to cool down, see a bit of the French signatures, and enjoy the fresh atmosphere in a very picturesque site. Moreover, Da Lat is surrounded by some mountain ranges best for mountain biking, hiking and canyoning in Vietnam. With its high altitude of 1,500-2,000m and fertile landscape, Da Lat is one of Vietnam’s premium agricultural areas, producing a variety of fruits, vegetables and flowers that do not grow in the lowland areas.

1. Valley of Love:
Just with its interesting name, tourists can guess how romantic this place is.  Throughout history, it has been one of the most picturesque and romantic sites of the city, with many deep valleys and endless pine forests. The tranquil Da Thien Lake, which was created in 1972, also adds a great deal to the attractiveness of the valley in general. To truly appreciate the scenery is not hard because travelers can easily follow the natural tracks and staircases all around the valley to visit and admire the gorgeous flower gates and statues.

2. Xuan Huong Lake:
Once coming to Da Lat, tourists can never forget Xuan Huong Lake (Hồ Xuân Hương) in center of town. Xuan Huong lake is now one of the main draws of Da Lat, and also where we can see honeymooners and locals strolling its banks. You are free to access this place at anytime, but if you want a boat, rental charge is needed.

3. Da Lat market:
Da Lat market is filled with local specialities: strawberry jam, fruits conserves, avocado, artichoke. Those farm products gain good reputation for their quality in not only Vietnam but also other countries. By visiting Da lat market, tourists can enjoy very fresh and cheap authentic Da Lat fruits and vegetables.

4. Da Lat flower gardens:
Da Lat has long been known as “the city of thousands flowers”. There are so many flower lands in this beautiful city such as Da Lat flower park, Langbiang flower farm and some others. Hundreds kinds of flowers are planted here creating the reputation of this city. If possible, arrange your trip to come here in Da Lat Flower Festival to experience the best beautiful heaven of the beautiful city.
Da Lat flower park
Address: 2 Phu Dong Thien Vuong Street, Dalat City
Hours: Open daily from 7.30 am to 4.00 pm
Langbiang Flower Farm
Address: 42 Xo Viet Nghe Tinh Street, Dalat City
Website: http://www.langbiangfarm.com.vn/index.aspx
Anh Quynh Orchid Farm
Address: 44B Van Kiep Street, Dalat City
Lam Sinh Farm
Address: Ap Lat Valley, Da Sa Commune, Lac Duong District

5. Thien Vien Truc Lam:
Thien Vien Truc Lam Monastery enjoys its hill-top setting where tourists can access by the cable car. The monastery has a magnificent view over the dams below and its gardens are full of landscaped shrubs in animal form. Extremely peaceful – a great place to relax and soak in the tranquility.

6. Langbiang mountain:
Lang Biang Mountains is located on Lang Biang Plateau, only about 12km from Dalat centre and also known as Lam Vien Mountain. The 2,287m high Bidoup Ban peak is often regarded as the roof of Dalat. The mountain is famous for its spectacular nature, as well as its marvelous view of the whole wide area of Dalat City, the forest, the rivers and houses of tribal people.Standing on the top of Lang Biang Mountain, tourists can see the Golden Stream and Silver Stream, or observe fanciful Dalat, which looks like a lush green valley with two pieces of silver silk (the Golden and Silver Stream).
Coming here, tourists can join in different activities such as camping, exploring the natural flora, bird-watching and enjoying the unique culture of ethnic minority groups. In addition, Lang Biang is an ideal place for adventurous activities like mountain climbing, conquering high peaks, paragliding and trekking. “Thung lung Tram nam” (Hundred-year valley) which lies at the foot of the mountain is regarded as an entertainment and ecological tourist site.

1. Dalat Eden Lake Resort & Spa Dalat
From the windows of Dalat Eden Resort and Spa, you can get a breath-taking view of pine-forest rising to the horizon. The hotel offers luxury rooms and five-star standard.
Address: Tuyen Lam Lake, Da Lat, Viet Nam
Distance: 5.28km to city center

2. Dalat Palace Luxury Hotel & Golf Club Dalat
DaLat Palace Luxury Hotel looks like a splendid palace sitting on a verdant hill, near by Xuan Huong lake.
The French colonists build this palace as a holiday destination, and today, it still enchants tourists by the charm and luxury of the architectural design, picturesque surrounding area, and has been favorite choice of high-end travelers.
Address: 12 Tran Phu Str, Dalat, Vietnam
Distance: 0.64km to city center

3. La Sapinette Hotel Dalat
La Sapinette is located in the center of Dalat’s famous Liang Biang Plateau, just a three-minute car ride from the central market and about 25 km far from the airport.
The hotel offers a private accommodation and recreation alternative to travelers whether your trip is for business or leisure.
Address: 01 Phan Chu Trinh Str, Da Lat , Vietnam
Distance: 2.81km to city center

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